How to move in a week or less: Day 7 (Moving Day!)

After a hugely hectic six days, you’ve finally made it to Moving Day. Congratulations!

But you haven’t quite crossed the Finish Line just yet.

Today you’ll be busy from the moment you wake up until you get to bed in your new home!

So here’s what to expect on the final day, including stuff you’ll need to do to ensure a smooth Moving Day…

Moving Day


Depending on how you’re moving your stuff, you’ll either spend the first few hours ready for the Movers to arrive or heading out to pick up your rented van or truck.

Either way, there’s still some last minute packing that you’ll need to do.


Disassemble furniture: Take apart any pieces of furniture that you haven’t already. Make sure that you secure bolts and screws to furniture legs/table tops securely so that nothing gets misplaced.

Pack contents of fridge and kitchen cupboards: Your fridge should be ready to pack quickly if you followed the previous steps. If you’re moving the fridge as well, you need to prepare it so it may need a defrosting the night before. Just make sure to have added it to your moving plan!

Last minute packing: Last minute packing is inevitable – the sheets, blankets or duvets you used last night, towels, clothes and bathroom items all need to be packed. Make sure to check every room, wardrobe, cupboard and all outdoor spaces to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Hopefully you still have a few extra boxes or bin bags on hand for all that last minute stuff!

Pack the car: If you’re using your car to move, it’s a good idea to pack it the night before, then adding in the last minute stuff on the morning on your move. Last minute stuff should include your essentials box, personal files and information and any expensive electronics that will be moving with you.

Last minute cleaning: It’s inevitable that during the move you’ll make a bit of a mess, what with dirty shoes and boots, dust that suddenly appears after removing furniture, and streaks on wooden floors. If you’re moving from a rented property, you’ll want to do some last minute cleaning to make sure you get back your rental deposit.

Last minute tasks: Before you close the door behind you for the final time, make sure you’ve recovered any hidden keys, turned off all utilities, have locked all doors and windows, check the garden and garage one more time for anything left behind.


And that’s it!

You’re ready now to head off to your new home!

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