The Top Five Packing Mistakes People make when Moving


Moving house takes a lot of time and effort. And packing your belonging can be a whole other headache!

From choosing correct packing materials, to knowing what is the right order you should pack in … Where do you start if you have a problem with packing?

Thankfully we can help. Here are some of the most common packing mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Mistake #1 – Packing Materials

A common problem when moving can be finding the right packing materials (not a problem at!)

Make a list of all the things that are going to be moved and decide what packing materials you will need for them – boxes, packing paper, bubblewrap, tape etc – and how much. This can be a huge problem … and by Moving Day it may be too late to get additional supplies!

Another option may be to hire a Removals Firm who will pack everything for you. these experts will also tell you a price to pack up all your belongings as well as a price to move your belongings.

Mistake #2 – Packing Boxes

The last thing you want to do is to pick boxes at random and “hope for the best” that they will do what you want of them!

Getting ready to move includes deciding firstly how many boxes you think you need. AND WHAT SIZE. This all depends on the item you have for packing – what size are they; are they fragile?

At we know it can be very confusing deciding which box to use. We therefore keep just a small selection of the most useful boxes in stock. The general rule of thumb is “the heavier the item, the smaller the box”. What this means on a practical level, is that you can easily get your arms around a small box that is heavy and therefore prevent injury.

Don’t forget your packing plan either! Heavy items need to go on the bottom of every box, with lighter items on top. Every empty space within the box needs to be filled with cushioning material – packing paper, bubblewrap, tissue – anything that can keep your items from hitting each other or breaking against the walls of the box.

And don’t forget to label your boxes! When moving to your new place, you will need to know which box goes in which room and if there are a few boxes for each room, an idea of what they contain!

Mistake #3 – Leaving Everything until the last Minute

One of the major mistakes people make is believing they have more time to do things than they actually have. If you have never moved before, you might not know how long it sometimes takes to pack your belongings.

Until you have a sudden or unplanned move, you must plan and organize your move to avoid last minute panic. A good idea is to work backwards.

First of all, determine your moving out date, whether it is the end of your rental period, joining date for your new job or just possession of your new house.

Once you have your moving out date finalised, count back to 6-8 weeks. You will need all this time to cancel utility connections, inform others, settle bills, sort out your belongings, hire movers (either professionals or hiring vans/cars), and of course for packing. Also, don’t forget to budget time for the delivery of things! It is all very well to suddenly remember on a Thursday evening that you need to move on Saturday, but beware that ordering packing supplies on a Friday often means a courier physically can’t deliver them until at least Monday!

When you plan things way ahead, you won’t be panicking at sudden unplanned tasks

Mistake #4 – Doing it All Alone

A problem shared is a problem halved! Many hands make light work!

These may be cliches, but when moving house, the more help you can get, the better! Whether that is family, friends, or even hiring professional movers, the more people you can rely on to help, the less stressful it will be for you.

Mistake #5 – Procrastinating

Moving takes a lot of time, patience, planning and effort.  If you wait until the last minute to get started, you’ll likely lose things, pack items incorrectly, or break valuable items in the process.

Refuse to succumb to procrastination by following a daily packing routine. Instead of doing loads of packing at once, intersperse is throughout your day or follow a routine to ensure each room of the house gets done. On Monday, focus on items on your shelves and surfaces. Tuesday, pack up your kitchen appliances. Wednesday, do the guest bedroom. By starting to plan your move in advance, you’ll prevent procrastination. You’ll also feel great ticking off each item on your checklist!

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