Moving your Computer

These days they’re an absolute necessity. And chances are that if you’re moving house, the corner where the computer sits is going to have to be dismantled … and all those wires sorted out (sigh!)

You might think it will take ages, and yes it probably will. But once you just do it, you’ll be glad that you did!

Check your Insurance

Make sure that your insurance will pay for any damage to your computer while moving. Some companies might not, so it pay’s to double check this.

Copy all your files

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?! But not so wonderful when files get corrupted. Safest thing to do is to copy all your files onto a DVD or a flash stick. These are portable enough that you can put them in your hand luggage with all your other important stuff when moving.

Get Some Boxes

Ideally, try to find the box that your computer came in. Or get some sturdy cardboard boxes. You’ll want to protect the actual computer and the monitor, so get a box that’s big enough to accommodate them, with bubblewrap or a transit blanket wrapped around them to protect them.

Now to Dismantle the Computer

  • Make sure you have removed all disks from all drives of the computer.
  • Unplug the power sockets both from the monitor and the computer box
  • If you’re new to dismantling computers, you may wish to label your cables before unplugging them. Simply write on a piece of label what the cable is for and where it should be plugged into. Most newer computers use a colour-coded system and tiny images to make assembly easier, though. You can also take a photo showing where all the cables are before unplugging them (assuming you can recreate which cable goes where at the other end!)
  • Once everything is labelled, start unplugging the cables from the computer box and the monitor. Wind them up, and place in a small cardboard box or container and keep them with the computer.
  • Pack your printer, scanner and any other computer equipment in the same way, ensuring that nothing will shift during transit.
  • Once everything is packed, seal the boxes and mark them appropriately. In large bold letters, indicate that it is fragile and that the box contains a computer/monitor/printer etc … after packing up everything else, you’ll be glad you highlighted that this particular box is fragile, especially when you end up “box-blind”!

If you are moving your computer with your car, make sure that if you have to park up overnight, that it is in a safe place and the computer boxes aren’t obviously visible – you don’t want to take chances with such a valued and valuable piece of equipment!

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