How to Give your Parcels a Festive Twist!

Many small retailers will make 20%-40% of their annual sales during the months of October, November and December.

And it also gives the ideal opportunity to add a Festive Twist to your packaging …

Let’s not beat about the bush. It is all very well to buy from a big multi-national company, but you know you’re just a figure on a balance sheet, don’t you?

On the other hand, buying from a small Irish seller can make a huge difference. Apart from the obvious saving of carbon miles (is your order sent from an anonymous shipping hub in the Far East, or from an actual seller in Ireland?) the small Irish seller will, 99 times out of 100, be genuinely excited to be sending a parcel to Mary in Killybegs, or Mick in Kilmallock!

Nobody needs to be told that the last 18 or so months have been tough. Especially for small businesses who have been doing their very best to be Covid-compliant along with keeping their business going through some very uncertain months.

But, hey! We’re coming into the Festive Season. And every parcel appreciates a little Festive Twist! So here are a few ideas for inexpensive but effective ways to add a little Festive Sparkle to your packaging!

Add some Seasonal Colour

Consider adding some festive colour to your parcels. Yes, it’s traditional, but the classic combination of red and green works for a reason! If your packaging already incorporates your business logo colours, try adding a seasonal touch of gold or white snowflakes, which can be easily incorporated into exisitng company colours. This way, your packaging is still recognisably yours, but with a Festive Twist!

Christmas Stuffing

For items that a prone to being damaged during shipping, protection is essential. Give your voidfill a Festive Feel by using seasonal coloured tissue paper (red and green works a treat!) Plus it adds that undeniable feeling of anticipation that goes hand in hand with this time of the year!

A “No Wrapping” Solution?

Many ecommerce retailers offer a gift-wrapping service. So why not go one better and send your orders in boxes that don’t need any additional wrapping at all! But it’s extremely important to consider all the stages your parcel will go through to get from you to your customer … a dishevelled, battered, broken product is very often worse than a well-travelled but well-protected product that arrives intact!

Give a Little Something Extra

‘Tis the Season for Giving, and what’s nicer than receiving an order with a little extra something? It could be an individually-wrapped sweet treat. Or a money-off voucher for their next order. Or an invitation to your Social pages where there’s a special offer waiting …

It’s the Little Things that Mean a Lot

A festive greeting, a seasonally-enhanced logo, a funny Christmas message … there are lots of ways to add a little seasonal customisation to your branding. And a personally printed or handwritten note included with your parcel is an extremely cost-effective yet thoughtful way of letting your customer know how much you value them!

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