How to move in a week or less: Day 2

You have a week or less to move house.

And you’re a panicking wreck, aren’t you?!

Except you’re not, as you have followed our “How to move in a week or less” advice and already already have everything done from Day 1

So on to Day 2 …

Day 2

Set the alarm (and the coffee maker!) the night before. You’ll be starting the day early.

It’s going to be a long day, so make sure to have easy-to-prepare meals, or else the takeaway menus, close to hand!

Pack the Kitchen

It’s probably the most difficult room, so best to get it done as soon as possible.

Set aside the stuff you’ll need for the week – a set of dishes & cutlery for each family member, a couple of kitchen knives and serving spoons, a can opener and anything else you might need. The stuff you’ve put to one side that you’ll need can be packed into an “essentials box” the night before you move.

Have plenty of packing supplies on hand. For the kitchen, you’ll need lots of packing material, whether you’re using towels & clothes or bubblewrap & packing paper. Keep an area of kitchen counter and/or table as your packing station so you have enough room.

All helpers welcome! If you have friends or family to help you move, assign them tasks that they can do without too much instruction. Have one person take the stuff out of the cupboards while another person packs them into boxes.

Set aside a space where you put stuff you don’t want to bring with you. Granted, moving in less than a week means that you won’t have much time to sort through your things, but that’s okay. Just be aware that you might be moving more stuff than you want. Once you’ve earmarked the stuff you don’t want, assign a helper the task of moving it outside and out of the way. Make sure everybody knows what you want to keep and what you don’t, so stuff doesn’t get accidentally tossed out.

Start with the Cupboards: Starting with the cupboards that contain fragile and breakable china means there’s less chance of things getting accidentally broken.

Pack the Drawers: It’s tempting to sort through drawers as you go along, but this can take up precious time that you don’t have. So skip this and simply pack the contents of each drawer. If knives etc come in their own holder, simply tape them into that holder before packing them into a box,

Foodstuffs is next: There’s no point in sorting your foodstuffs, unless there’s something that you’ll never ever use and you intend to donate it to a foodbank (other question is have you time to go to a foodbank/donation centre?). Have lots of tape on hand to seal up packages including tops of spice jars and anything that could spill and make a mess.

The contents of the Fridge/Freezer: Obviously it’s only Day 2, so putting food from the fridge in a box at this early stage means it will spoil. But you can still sort through the contents of the fridge and freezer to get rid of foods you won’t be bringing with you. Make a note to pack any remaining fridge items the night before you move.

Large Appliances: If you are bringing your large appliances with you, they may need a professional to disconnect them (eg gas cooker). Book these professionals now. Also consider how they’re going to be moved to your new place.

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