How to move in a week or less: Day 4

And we’re on to Day 4.

By now you’re probably getting tired and frustrated and wishing that all these moving boxes would just go away!

But just remember, you’re halfway there now!

You’ve got through the hardest part and now there’s just a few last tasks to get done!

On the 4th Day of your move, you can expect to do more packing (yes really!), a little sorting and a few follow-up phone calls. It’s not so bad, really. So let’s get started with the toughest part first – the packing.

Day 4: Morning

Today you’re going to tackle the bedroom. It might be a bit overwhelming, but once you’ve sorted through your wardrobe and drawers, the bedroom is really quite simple. Clothes, shoes and knicknacks are what you need to focus on this morning – what to keep and what to get rid of (if you have time!). So lets get started!

Sort and pack up the wardrobe: If you have clothes you haven’t worn in a while (who doesn’t?!) now is the time to go through it all and get rid of what you don’t really need. But if you’re moving in a limited time, or at the last minute, it’s probably best that you only get rid of the things you’re absolutely 100% sure you don’t want or need. If you’re at all hesitant, keep it and move it with you. There isn’t time to ponder, consider, research or be unsure about anything. Make 2 piles: one for things you’re bringing with you and the other for stuff you’re going to toss. Again, don’t spend ages thinking about it – just do it!

Drawers require the same kind of quick decision that your wardrobe did. Two piles – sort and toss. If it helps to have some extra hands helping you pack, get someone else to deal with the rubbish pile. They can put everything you don’t need into bin bags and move them to another room or outside. It can also help if you’re a ditherer … once you’ve decided to toss something, it’s out of sight, out of mind and you’re free to move on!

Next, sort and pack the tops of dressers, nightstands and shelves. If you don’t have many breakables, these items can be packed quite quickly. Again, make fast decisions as you go along of what you want to keep, and what you want to throw out. You should also have packing paper to hand to wrap any fragile items. Things like jewellery and jewellery boxes should be put to one side to be moved WITH you.

Lamps and lights are next. After packing the living room on Day 3, you should be a dab hand at packing lamps! Follow the same steps, making sure that shades are packed well and protected from possible bumps and dents.

Your bed and all the stuff that goes with it, won’t be packed until Moving Day morning. But you still probably have extra bedlinen that will need to be packed.

Just like the living room and dining room, packing pictures and photos will take a little time. You should also be aware, if you’re renting, about any rules about removing nails from walls or filling holes left behind. Check your rental agreement to see whether any damages affect you getting your rental deposit back or not.

Day 4: Afternoon

That was a tough morning! By now you’re probably thoroughly tired, and sick of sorting and packing. This afternoon you should dedicate to getting rid of the stuff you’ve sorted through.

It’s also a good time to call your mover or van rental company to make sure your booking is still in place, along with the utility companies for your new place.

Visit your favourite restaurant or pub: If you’re moving out of the locality, then you should take a little time to visit a favourite place, and get together with friends and family to start saying your goodbyes. Yes, it’s not a practical task, and it won’t help with the move. But it will help you deal emotionally with moving. And everybody needs a break! Take time out – you’re now over halfway through your move and all you’ve got now are the next three days to get through!

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