Decluttering Successfully by Learning to Let Go

Decluttering before moving house is great for many reasons:

  • It means you have less stuff to move, which saves time and money
  • You’ll have less to unpack at the other end, which means less boxes sitting around the house for months on end
  • You can start fresh at your new place, without the (physical and mental) weight of loads of junk

In the months leading up to your move, give considerable thought to what you want take with you. Consider how you want your new home to look when packing and ask yourself – do you really want to take those items that are never used or take up space?

Not sure if you can do it? Try these tips enable you to successfully let go of items you no longer need …

Acquired or Chosen?

Consider letting go of items you have acquired over the years and didn’t deliberately choose. For example, it may have been something you inherited from a friend or family member, as they no longer wanted it … but didn’t want throw it away either!

Joy or Misery?

Ideally, we surround ourselves with things that make us happy or remind us of a happy time. But sometimes items no longer bring the same joy, and actually give us feelings of sadness or even misery. Stand back and think, without any bias, do I really need this? Let go of the item and the negative feelings that go with it.

Do you see it anymore?

If you are at the stage where you don’t notice that statue, ornament, painting or arm chair, it’s an indication that you may not need it anymore. Try and think if others could get better use out of it than you have, and donate the item to a local charity.

Outgrown it?

Our needs change over time: children grow up, we grow up! We change jobs, and technology changes too. Which items have you outgrown that you don’t need to take to the next stage of your life?

No space for it?

Consider the size of your new home and only keep what will comfortably fit, instead of trying to cram everything in. Draw up a floor plan to scale and allocate space for each item before you make the effort to take it with you and too-late realise there’s no room.

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