How our Boxes are Made

What makes a box a box? And how are they made to be so strong?

At Box Depot, we sell both single-wall and double-wall cardboard boxes.

Here’s a little bit more about those differences …

Card-board boxes (made of paper or stiff card) have been around since 1817 when they were invented in England.

But the cardboard boxes sold at were actually invented in 1890 by Robert Gair, a Scottish-born printer who worked in Brooklyn, USA.

To add strength to a box, you’ll see the wall of box has a corrugated layer or “flute”

box flute

The larger the flute, the stronger the box.

A “C-flute” cardboard typically has about 40 flutes per foot; and has a very high stacking strength and high resistance to being crushed. It is one of the most commonly used flutes for shipping cartons.

A “B-flute” cardboard usually has about 50 flutes per foot; it has a higher resistance to punctures than other flutes and is most often used for boxes that have to be durable but need to be stylish.

So to make cardboard, these flutes are sandwiched between two layers of cardboard:

single wall

This is pretty much the construction of our most popular box. It’s a very heavy construction and could easily be used as a replacement for our large double-wall box.

A double-wall box (surprisingly!) will have a double layer of this fluted cardboard (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

double wall

Typically this wall structure will be made of one layer of B-flute and one layer of C-flute glued together. It is obviously, therefore, stronger than a single-wall box and should be used when a stronger box or extra padding is required.

If you know the type of box you require when moving house, then you can get our boxes individually.

If you’re not sure, though, Box Depot offers a range of four House Moving Kits which include a variety of different size single-wall and double-wall boxes for your convenience. Our kits also include bubblewrap, tape and some accessories to make your house move as smooth as possible.

At Box Depot, we believe a box can be used more than once. At present we don’t offer custom-made boxes, but our wide range of recycled boxes are all excellent quality

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