Moving in a Hurry?

Moving is Stressful. Packing is a Chore. Organising is Headache-Inducing. Loading and Unloading your Entire Life is Exhausting!

The one thing that makes moving even more stressful is having less time to move.

In a perfect world, you’d have more than a month to get everything together for a smooth transition, but life doesn’t always work that way.

Whether your boss has given you a week to be in a new county (or even country!) or you simply procrastinated until the night before the Move, knowing how to pack efficiently and quickly will come in handy.

Here’s a few tips to help take a little bit of stress out of moving in a hurry …

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How to protect a Mattress during a Move

You’re moving house!

You may have decided to go “all new” and get a new mattress while you’re it (mattresses should be replaced every 7-10 years anyway)

Or perhaps you love your current mattress and intend to bring it with you to your new place!

Here’s some tips on how to protect your mattress from dust, grime and that unidentifiable stain that you’ve no idea where it came from, and have no desire to let your mattress and it’s dodgy stain anywhere near your new place!

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Change of Address: Who to Tell You’re Moving?!

You’ve made the decision to move house. Now it’s time to let everyone know!

But who exactly should you tell about your move?

When we think about informing people about our impending change of address, the first thing that probably comes to mind is our group of immediate friends and family.

However, there are so many more people who need to know.

This checklist will detail all the people you need to tell and help you keep track of it all.

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Add value to your property by clearing out your home

I don’t know why, but older properties always seem that little bit more spacious than the new-build ones you see these days.

It therefore stands to reason that the more spacious your dinky little shoebox house feels, the more interested buyers will be in buying it!

There’s a massive difference between “character” and “clutter”. If you are looking to sell your home, it is extremely important you consider maximising every inch within the property, and that means a serious clear out. It’s also well known that the more messy, cluttered and untidy your home, the less likely you are to receive a good offer.

Any estate agent will tell you the first step to selling your home, is making it look good. Kerb appeal is all very well for getting viewers into the property, but if they feel overwhelmed by knickknacks and all your precious tat the moment they walk through the door, they are simply not going to see the house as a potential home for their family.

Maximising space means maximising profit, it’s that simple. Every square foot counts!

Here are some tips to help you invest in your property by clearing out some things:

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What size Vacuum Storage Bag to use?

How much can you fit into a Vacuum Storage Bag? A simple question, but not necessarily a simple answer when looking at the range of Vacuum Storage Bags available at Box Depot!

Life is stressful enough without the added pressure of wondering if you’ve ordered the right size of vacuum storage bags, so to help you, please read on for a little guide on what size to use:

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How to actually start packing … and stop procrastinating!

Let’s face it. Packing is a big task!

There is nothing easy about taking everything you own and putting it safely into boxes.

Packing is also deceiving … it always feels like it’s going to take a lot less time than it really does.

Having said that, if you are having trouble getting yourself to start packing, you are not along. Many of us struggle with motivation. But since your move is happening anyway, you may as well save yourself as much stress as possible and get started sooner rather than later!

Sadly there is no Magic Bullet to get the ball rolling on packing … if there was, we’d tell you!

But there are a few things that you can do to spur yourself on:

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Decluttering Successfully by Learning to Let Go

Decluttering before moving house is great for many reasons:

  • It means you have less stuff to move, which saves time and money
  • You’ll have less to unpack at the other end, which means less boxes sitting around the house for months on end
  • You can start fresh at your new place, without the (physical and mental) weight of loads of junk

In the months leading up to your move, give considerable thought to what you want take with you. Consider how you want your new home to look when packing and ask yourself – do you really want to take those items that are never used or take up space?

Not sure if you can do it? Try these tips enable you to successfully let go of items you no longer need …

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