How to move in a week or less: Day 3

By Day 3, chances are you’re feeling tired and stressed.

But you got loads done on Day 2 so you should be feeling proud of yourself.

So take a quick breather, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and you’re eating (relatively!) healthy; and stick the kettle on for another cuppa before we get stuck into Day 3

Day 3: Morning

Pack the Living Room

The kitchen was a bit of  an intense packing experience. But then again, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it was bound to be a big job – that’s why it was packed up first … while you were still enthusiastic!

So packing the Living Room should give a bit of a break, as it’s usually a little more civilised!

Pack you knick-knacks first: If you have any ornaments, vases or decorations in your living room, pack these first, as they’re more easily broken if left til later. Make sure you have enough boxes, packing paper, bubblewrap and tape on hand.

Next clear the walls: Any pictures, artwork, mirrors, or anything else that hangs on the walls should be packed next. It may be as simple as taking it off the wall and putting in the car, but it pays to take a little time to wrap some bubblewrap around them, especially if they’re being transported in a van/truck.

Pack lamps, cushions, books etc: Lamp shades are fragile things, so pack carefully. Cushions are easy – stick them in a clean bin bag and you’re done! Books need a little more careful packing.

Pack electronic items: Electronics, like the lamp shades, are also fragile. You may prefer to leave packing up the television until Day 6 if you still want to be able to watch it. Just remember not to leave too many outstanding things to your last full day of packing

Furniture: Leave this until Day 6 … you’ll need somewhere to collapse onto of an evening after a busy day packing!

Day 3: Afternoon

Pack the bathroom(s) and Dining Room

The key to packing up the bathroom is not to get diverted by sorting as you pack (or deciding to try out that lavender soap that you got in 1995 from Great Aunt Florence!). By all means, sort expired medicines so that you can return them to your local chemist for disposal; but otherwise, throw everything into a box or two, tape it up, label it, and keep going.

Make sure to set aside enough supplies to get you through the rest of the week and settled into your new place.  This means having enough loo roll, soap, shampoo, medicine or anything else you use on a daily basis. The items you set aside should be able to be packed quickly and easily on Moving Day.

Packing the Dining Room might take a little more time than expected if you have a lot of glassware, pictures or other items stored in cupboards or drawers. Like the kitchen, you’ll need enough boxes, packing paper and packing materials (if you already need more supplies, just place your order online by 2pm at and it will be delivered next day!).

The actual furniture will be left until Day 6, so just concentrate on all the small bits and pieces.

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